EPRPD Frequently Asked Questions

Calling the Police

For all emergencies, dial 9-1-1. The 9-1-1 center will dispatch officers to the location of your emergency.

In Pike County, if, at any time, you need a police officer to respond, but you do not feel it is an emergency, please dial the non-emergency number at 570-296-7700.

If you need to speak to a police officer please dial 570-491-4040. The office phones have an automatic answering system that will answer after 4:00p.m.
Monday through Friday and on weekends a voicemail may be left with the appropriate officer, who will call you back as soon as possible.

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Parking Tickets

Parking tickets issued by the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department for non-compliance of winter parking hours. May be paid at our headquarters
located at 102 LaBarr Lane, Matamoras or by mail at P.O. Box 309, Matamoras, Pa 18336.

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Traffic & Non-Traffic Citations

Traffic and Non-Traffic citations may be responded to through the District Magistrates office located in box #1 of the citation by mailing in or dropping off the bottom portion of the citation signing either guilty or not guilty to 102 East John Street, Suite 2, Milford, Pa 18337. Payment may also be made online using PAePay     Citations must be responded to within ten days. By pleading not guilty the magistrate’s office will set a date and a time for a hearing. For more information contact the magistrate’s office at 570-296-8108.

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Accident Report

You may request a copy of an accident report by contacting the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department at 570-491-4040. Please provide the
corresponding incident number for the accident report you are requesting. There is a fee of $15.00 payable by check or money order for a copy of an accident report. ou may also obtain a copy by going to: CRASHDOCS.ORG

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Records Request

For a copy of any incident report or any other record a records request form must be filled out. (standard form) The Standard Right-To-Know request should be forwarded to the open records officer, Chad Stewart at cstewart@eprpd.org. A copying and processing fee may apply. To view the Right to Know Law Act 3 of 2008: http://openrecords.state.pa.us.

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How do I check local crime statistics?

Local and state statistics may be found by checking the Uniform crime Reports (UCR’s) at Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System.

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How do I get my fingerprints taken?

The Eastern Pike Regional Police Department will fingerprint persons by appointment only. You may set up a time to be fingerprinted by calling
570-491-4040. If the fingerprints are for other than court ordered reasons a fee of $15.00 will be assessed. All court ordered fingerprints
should be accompanied with the court paperwork for processing.

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How do I apply for a firearm carrying permit?

Firearm carrying permits are handled by the Sheriff’s Office. For applications or more information please call the Pike County Sheriff’s office at
570-296-6459 or visit their office located at 412Broad Street, Milford, Pa 18337.

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Where do I get PennDot forms?

We have many of the most common PennDot forms available by clicking on “PennDot” under “Forms” at the top navigation on this
page or you may go to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportations website at http://www.dot.state.pa.us.

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